Set to become an annual event, the MCASTSkills Challenge aims to offer students a platform to compete in their respective area of study. At the same time, prospective students and anyone interested in learning about MCAST programmes, will get the chance to experience at first hand the practical work that goes into vocational courses. In this year's edition, students will participate in 65 different challenges that will take place in different areas of the MCAST Main Campus in Paola. The event is fully backed up by industry through sponsorship as well as their contribution to the design of the challenges and the judgement process.

Over 800 students from six institutes will face challenges in their respective fields, including ICT, Creative Arts, Applied Sciences, Hair and Beauty, Social Care, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Media Production, Business management, and many more. Professional judging teams made of MCAST lecturers and industry specialists will assess competitors live against pre-defined criteria. Winners will be awarded and medals while all participants will be given official certificates.

Goals of MCAST Skills Challenge 2017:

• To increase knowledge and awareness of future career paths
• To stimulate interest in and raise the status of vocational training
• To inspire and pass on knowledge to teaching staff and intermediaries
• To set an example for sustainable skills competitions